Stage: Postproduction | Shooting Location: Perú | Film Companies: Playa Chica Films (ESP), Los Niños Films (COL), Elamedia Studios (ESP) Pioneros Producciones (PER) | Duration: 115 mins (approx.) | Direction: Daniel Vidal Toche | Screenplay: Daniel Vidal, Ignacio Vuelta | DOP : Angello Faccini | Sound: Sofia Straface | Digital 4k | DCP | 2024

The Anatomy of Horses


1781. Ángel Pumacahua returns to Kunurana, his town in the Andean highlands from which he one day left to join Tupac Amaru's revolution. From space, a meteorite carries the same fate. Upon arrival, time and identity seem distorted for Ángel. The 18th century and the present now coexist between the town's agitation due to the disappearance of Sara Colque, a neighbor whom everyone is looking for, especially her sister Eustaquia. Some believe that the meteorite fell on him. An exploration of time and colony in the remote heights of Peru.