Lolita in Honda


Stage: Postproducción | Shooting Location: Honda, COL | Duration: 70 mins (approx.) | Director, Cameraman, Sound: Daniel Torres. | Editor: César Jaimes | Production: Manuel Ponce y César Jaimes

"Lolita in Honda" is a deep exploration by director Daniel Torres of his grandmother and her childhood memories, unraveling the fears and aggression that allowed her to survive poverty and abandonment. Through a black and white film filled with blotches, light leaks, and dreamlike visions, the movie creates a documentary world that brings his grandmother's memory to life. Through reenactments, interviews, and fairy tales, the director portrays the internalized violence his grandmother learned and transmitted to survive, exploring how these traumas perpetuate from generation to generation. This story becomes an origin myth that explains the profound imprints of intergenerational trauma caused by poverty and abandonment.