Stage: Development | Locations: La Guajira, Colombia | Duration: 90 mins (approx.) | Direction: César A. Jaimes and Juan P. Polanco |

Production: Laura Nogal Screenplay: Canela Reyes, César Jaimes, Juan Pablo Polanco | Photography Direction: Angello Faccini | Sound: Antonio Ponce


How could you not wake me up when my soul was leaving? On the border between Colombia and Venezuela, inside an old pickup truck adapted to carry passengers and merchandise, Wayuú people, Arabs, Venezuelans and Colombians from different times, cross the desert sharing the trance of the journey. Among them, the soul of Josefa, a Wayuú woman, returns to her land to meet her family after years of exile. Her memories mingle with the present, resurrecting the dead and diluting the idea of frontier.